Single Breasted VS. Double-Breasted Blazers: Choosing the Right Style

In the world of men's fashion, blazers hold a special place as versatile and stylish wardrobe essentials. When it comes to choosing the right blazer, you're often presented with two popular options: the single breasted blazer for men and the double-breasted blazer. These styles may look similar at first glance, but they have distinct characteristics that set them apart. In this blog, we'll explore the key differences between single-breasted and double-breasted blazers, helping you make an informed choice for your unique style and occasion.

Single Breasted Blazers:

Let's start with the classic single breasted blazer. Here are the defining features and occasions where it shines:

Closure Style:

A single breasted blazer has a single row of buttons down the front, typically with two or three buttons. The jacket overlaps slightly, allowing for a simple and clean appearance.


Single breasted blazers are incredibly versatile and can be dressed up or down depending on the event. They are suitable for a wide range of occasions, from formal to casual.

Fit and Silhouette: 

Single breasted blazers tend to offer a more tailored and slim fit, enhancing the wearer's body shape. This style is known for its flattering and modern silhouette.

Buttoning Options: 

The buttoning options for single breasted blazers can vary. Some have two buttons, while others have three. The choice often comes down to personal preference.


Single breasted blazers are excellent choices for business meetings, weddings, semi-formal events, and even casual outings. They pair well with dress trousers, chinos, or even dark jeans, offering a versatile and timeless look.

Double-Breasted Blazers:

Next, let's delve into the unique qualities of the double-breasted blazer:

Closure Style:

Double-breasted blazers have overlapping front flaps with two parallel rows of buttons. The front is symmetrically buttoned, which gives it a distinct, bold appearance.

Formal Elegance: 

Double-breasted blazers exude an air of formality and sophistication. They are often considered more formal than their single-breasted counterparts.

Fit and Silhouette

These blazers typically have a more structured and boxy fit. The additional layer of fabric from the overlapping front panels contributes to their unique shape.

Buttoning Options: 

The standard double-breasted blazer has four to six buttons, but it's common to see variations with different button arrangements. The two-button closure is a popular choice for a balanced look.


Double-breasted blazers are a perfect choice for formal events, such as black-tie affairs, weddings, and upscale dinner parties. They pair best with dress trousers and a crisp dress shirt to complete the elegant ensemble.

Choosing Between Single-Breasted and Double-Breasted Blazers:

The choice between a single-breasted and double-breasted blazer ultimately depends on the occasion and your personal style:


Opt for a single breasted blazer if you want a versatile, modern, and slim-fitting jacket that can be worn in various settings, from casual to semi-formal.


Choose a double-breasted blazer when you want to make a powerful statement at formal events and desire a classic, structured silhouette.

In the end, the key to looking your best is selecting the right style that suits your body type and the occasion at hand. Both single-breasted and double-breasted blazers have their unique appeal, allowing you to express your individuality in the world of men's fashion.